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Personal Suggestion Box

Designed for constructive criticism
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If I had bad breath (and maybe I do, but no one's told me about it) I would want to know. This idea is easily bakeable, either physically or on the web somehow. Willing participants will have little boxes or public blogs specific to themselves where it's appropriate for friends to anonymously break the news that, hey, that hairstyle makes you look gay, and you drink too much. The problem would be malicious suggestions, and I'm not sure how to solve that one. Maybe provide access only to people you trust? But then exes would still get the opportunity to "share" their complaints about your lovemaking. Maybe that wouldn't be so bad. Knowledge is power.
Wisconsin, Feb 22 2005


       i'd like to put my own messages in the box, so that at the end of the week i can unlock it, empty it, and read the weeks suggestions from myself to myself.
benfrost, Feb 22 2005

       Maybe I would get a little paper valentine with a kitty on it in my suggestion box that says "So fine".   

       I love this. Just having a small wooden box on a cord around my neck that says "suggestions" on it would be pretty funny. Maybe a little box on my table at the coffee shop. Sure, at the head of the marital bed. His and hers. This could be the next pet rock of a gift idea.   

       A suggestion box on the head of Greatgrandma's bed at the nursing home. Or not.   

       Keep it on the bar at the pickup joint. Maybe some good ideas will come in.   

       For the website, maybe you could send your suggestion box to your list with a code. Your suggestors would click a link and enter your code. Then you'd know they were valid.   

       Receiving serious anonymous suggestions non-defensively could be quite enlightening and guiding.   

       Various suggestions could be sponsored by companies providing solutions: Mouthwash, etc.   

       What's this? I have a suggestion coming in right now: "[Mustardface], I suggest you cut off this annotation now! [anonymous]
Mustardface, Feb 23 2005

       I like this idea. Even close friends sometimes have a hard time telling you their real opinion on specific matters, such as: "this guy you're dating is ugly, an alky and also a loser", "you need to lose weight", "those shoes need a replacement".
Pericles, Mar 01 2005

       I can't think of a way to keep exes from tormenting you with maliciously meant "suggestions", but I think it will be easy to differentiate the honest suggestions from the hate mail (although one can learn something from those, too).
Machiavelli, Mar 01 2005

       I find that children are quite a good substitute for this.
pertinax, May 23 2007

       Baked - the "Honesty Box" application on facebook. You can also request honest responses about a particular issue that is bothering you, e.g. "Do I come across as shy, stuck-up, or something else entirely?" "Do I really look like a hobo or was that guy just being an asshole?" and other pressing concerns.
ryokan, Dec 08 2008


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