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Red heat pencil sharpener

No moving parts. Just as sharp.
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Some people, because of phobia or religious proscription, may not cut stuff. Yet suppose some such person needed a sharp pencil? Is there no recourse?

Of course there is recourse and BUNGCO has it. The Red Heat Pencil Sharpener contains a metal cone which receives the blunt tip of your pencil and rapidly warms to a toasty 800 degrees - the temperature we have found optimal for burning away pencil wood but leaving the graphite intact. Gentle pressure will produce a satisfying and aromatic column of woodsmoke and leave you with a fire-hardened point.

bungston, Dec 05 2008


       Also good for cauterizing the wounds received from sticking your finger in the garden variety pencil sharpeners.
MikeD, Dec 05 2008


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