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Personal Levitation Device

For Getting Up There Really Quick
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Firstly, this is *not* the Segfly all over again.

What it is, is this: a ring-shaped device you step into and strap on lifevest-style. The ring's inner diameter is about that of the average human torso, and its outer diameter about 2 feet (65 cm) more. Built into the about-6-inch-thick ring are 48 small fans, grouped into 8 sets of 6, at 45 degree intervals; you see directly on the front of the machine two columns of 3 fans which make up the set in front of you. These fans are powered by a heavy-duty but lightweight lithium-polymer battery of relatively high voltage (for extra watt output).

Between said bank of fans and your gut is a simple but comprehensive control panel: altitude, battery level, fan health, and the actual levitation controls. If battery gets low, the system will automatically lower you slowly to the ground, so you don't hafta worry about hitting hard without warning. A GPS or similar device keeps the machine informed of its location in space at all times, and gyros keep it stable.

Now the important part. Instead of being a 'personal aircraft', this is to be a 'personal levitator', that is, what you use to reach stuff up high really fast, dust off stuff on the ceiling, and so forth. A 'lock' button keeps you in one place, at fixed altitude, as long as you like, to free up both hands to do whatever it is you went up there for. It is also useful when you need, for example, to get across the supermarket in 30 seconds (speaking from the viewpoint of the supermarket employee).

Although this could be used as a 'Segway for the skies', the light batteries I put in to keep weight and cost down don't afford it great range; rather, this is more like an 'instant lift' without the hassle of dragging out the scissor-lift every time you review the stuff on the top shelf, or whatever. There are a number of specific jobs that would be greatly sped up by this machine.

galukalock, Nov 25 2003

(?) Hiller Flying Platform http://www.hiller.o...lying-platform.html
[sartep, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Thx anyway, but dont need one myself as I've still got my flying carpet from the bazaar.
rumbletumbler, Nov 25 2003

       //dust off stuff on the ceiling// with 48 fans lifting my not-so-light body and the considerable weight of the machine out of ground effect, I imagine you would never have to dust you house ever again. Does the package include brackets to nail the furnishings in place?
Klaatu, Nov 25 2003

       "What the hell would I want with that?"
- Mr D. Blaine
Fishrat, Nov 25 2003

       This is very similar to the hiller flying platform.
sartep, Nov 25 2003

       But how do you cross your legs Hindu style with all of that stuff in the way?
RayfordSteele, Nov 25 2003

       Reflexive Testicles.
lostdog, Nov 25 2003

       I'm in favor of just about anything that would let me fly, but I think the form factor is wrong. Wearing a device that big is cumbersome enough in the first place, but it's going to be pretty heavy without magic technology.   

       Hammacher Schlemmer was advertising a personal hover craft last year - wouldn't a floating platform be a lot easier to deal with?
DrCurry, Nov 25 2003

       I could have done a platform, but that would make this redundant with the Segfly, but the more important reason (at least for me) is that it's safer, since you can't fall off of it.   

       (edit) Almost forgot: the purpose of having 48 fans, in addition to being redundant backups of one another and precision of control, is to spread out the thrust over a larger area so you don't knock everything over.
galukalock, Nov 25 2003


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