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Riding the Bubblemobile in High-Heeled Skates

Instructions for use:
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1- Inflate the rubber Bubblemobile to maximum diameter using the Bubblemobile motor module.

2- Don a helmet, the high-heeled skates and lie on your back with feet high against the Bubblemobile with the motor module on the opposite side.

3- Hold tight on the reins and actuate the motor module’s rein winch to reel it and you towards the top of the Bubblemobile. You should now be standing as in the picture below.

4- Start, stop and steer with the thumb joy stick. To roll the Bubblemobile forward, the motor module rolls down the front side on high friction wheels, pulling you upwards and moving the center of gravity ahead of the point of contact with the ground. As the Bubblemobile starts rolling, the motor module goes in reverse to keep you in balance.

5- Pressing the joy stick to the right causes the motor module to turn right, while you steer your skates left to keep opposite it.

6- Taming the Bubblemobile is an acquired skill. Persistent practice will be rewarded with a wild rides speeding down sidewalks and high over rough terrain.

FarmerJohn, Dec 06 2004

picture http://www.geocitie.../bubblemobile.html?
[FarmerJohn, Dec 06 2004]


       I think the bubblemobile would move smoothly over rough terrain while flinging you to the clouds if it hit a bump.   

       (Reminded of elementary school experiment where you place a tennis ball on a basketball and drop the two to the ground).   

       Maybe if the motor assembly was a hoop of slightly less circumference than the ball, er, bubble.
JeremiahBritt, Dec 06 2004


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