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lean-back Segway

all musicians should be in a marching band.
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The idea came from looking at an old Woody Allen movie "Take the money and run" where - in a scene - Woody was playing (or attempting to play) a cello in a marching band. I thought: foot-controlled wheelchair, leaving his hands to play the instrument. But foot-controlled wheelchairs are fully baked. But what about the bass (NOT bass guitar!!) players? Some basses are bigger than the players and the musicians play standing up. Thus: the lean-back, foot-controlled Segway. These modified Segways have a backrest and one may add further modifications so the Segway may be controlled with the butt cheeks (gluteus maximus). On the ordinary Segway, one is leaning forward: not good for playing the bass. Heck, why not have the whole marching band on lean-back Segways (need a Big One for pianists)!
cecil0132, Aug 30 2012

Segseat http://www.segseat.com/
[Klaatu, Aug 31 2012]


       It's very hard to find a flaw in this idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 30 2012

       Bun for the concept of a marching band that includes a pianist.
8th of 7, Aug 30 2012

       Well, a piano already has three legs, so wouldn't it be more logical to motorise them and make it walk?
not_morrison_rm, Aug 31 2012

       This idea gets a huge bun from me. It's not everyday a great idea like this comes along. Way to go. (Cymbals crashing!)
blissmiss, Aug 31 2012

       How about a chauffeured one?
Ander, Sep 02 2012


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