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Personal Photobot.

Robot follows me around and snaps well composed pictures.
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I recently saw ads for Sony's Aibo dog/robot. Supposedly it can recognize its owner, snap digital photos on demand, learn new behavior, etc. Totally lame. What I want is a robot that recognizes me and my family, follows us around and snaps pictures. Its learning algorithms would focus specifically on tastefully composing the most artistic shots of me and my family in action. Then it would roam around the backyard while we work/play, snaping inpromptu photos. Take it to Disneyland, the beach, wherever. When you bring it home, it would head for the computer and use its wireless connection to upload the day's shots. You pick the ones you like and, the next time the robot connects to the computer it retrieves your score and learns which photos you liked for next time.
riromero, Sep 08 2003

roller coaster tycoon http://www.atari.co...tycoon/us/index.php
Takes pictures of you as you go thru the game. [pashute, Apr 17 2006]


       turns nasty and sends you blackmail letters.
po, Sep 08 2003

       Turns nasty, eh?
DeathNinja, Sep 08 2003

       How does it work?*   

       *BTW, I hate acronyms, but HDIW has a nice ring to it.
AO, Sep 08 2003

       Baked in SciFi.
phoenix, Sep 08 2003

       ...makes sure he isn't being followed into the loo.
Klaatu, Apr 17 2006


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