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one hand clapping

Mouse equivalent for those pesky mosquitoes .
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Tabletop hand with palm spread and fingers steady.

Exuded sweaty heat and co2 baited ready.

Clap, the hand is lightning fast and true.

No more mosquito or red and itchy hue.

wjt, Jan 28 2018

Hand Fear , prior stimulus Fear_20The_20Hand
Don't really want to be slapped when falling asleep [wjt, Jan 28 2018]


       Can we paint it green and name it Venus?
TomP, Jan 29 2018

       The meter needs some work before Shakespeare starts to get jealous.
RayfordSteele, Jan 29 2018

       [TomP] Yes, but some attractive genetic magic would be needed.   

       [RayfordSteele] Why would I want to shake Shakespeare? I'm not even in the running. Then again my attempts at metre definitely would inference my subconscious logic. Until I databased and practiced enough.   

       Did Meter have a beau?
wjt, Jan 30 2018

       I told him. He said   

       Beguiling warmth, false bottled breath our fall
Effect; a hand unlooked-for deals the meed
Of fools whose doom's in writing on the wall
Which, an you were a midge, you might not read.

       I said he'd lost his edge these past four hundred years and anyway, what sort of barbarous verse form was this with pentameters in an ABAB rhyme scheme, but he just laughed.
pertinax, Jan 31 2018

       The hand is quicker than the eye is
But not as nimble as the fly is.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 31 2018


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