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Pharmacy Pet

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this is a small sized robot that collects the pills that are accidentally dropped behind the pharmacy counter. The bot has a camera that is used to identify the pill type and also the "dropper" The pharmacists work performance rating could be based in part on the amount of pills they drop.

The Pharmacy Pet would also be programmed to exhibit erratic behavior based on the type and quantity of pills it consumes

it would exhibit behaviors that would serve to embarrass the pharmacists behind the counter thus encouraging them to do a more careful job and drop less pills or only drop pills that will cause the pharmacy buddy to become lethargic. Examples of embarrassing behaviors could be a siren, hiccup noises, vomit noises, loud flatulence, whimpering and crying.

vfrackis, May 08 2012


       What about hallucinations, paranoia, and anal leakage?
Alterother, May 08 2012

       Show me a pharmacist with greasy fingers, and I'll show you a medicine dropper.
ytk, May 08 2012

       Pharmacists actually touch your medications? It isn't dispensed in sterile blister packs that constitute the recommended dosages and course?   

       EEEeeeeeeeewwwwwww !
UnaBubba, May 08 2012

       Machines dispense ours into the bottles. I suppose a few might fall on the floor, but not often enough to support a pet, I don't think.
blissmiss, May 09 2012

       I tried peeing into a bottle, in a moving car, once. Not exactly successful.
UnaBubba, May 09 2012

       How could it be? You guys are upside-down.   

       Ask your pharmacist if Pharmacy-Pet is right for them.   

       I'm constantly surprised that all of the water in the southern hemisphere doesn't just run off into space, all by itself.
UnaBubba, May 09 2012

       Ah, but here in the southern hemisphere, things fall up...
Custardguts, May 10 2012

       //I'm constantly surprised...//   

       Actually, [ubie], there is no southern hemisphere. A lot of effort has gone into supporting your delusion, but enough is enough. The Earth is actually hemispherical, with a huge elasticated cover over the flat surface to keep the magma in. What you consider to be "Australia" is known to us as The Osterbach Institute for Endearing Delusions, and is just outside Stoke.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 10 2012

       There's always one who just can't keep his mouth shut, isn't there?   

       Now they're all going to have to go on double dosages until the memory fades. Do you have any idea how much that is going to cost?   

       By the way, that repair to the cover seems to be holding. You might want to vent a bit more pressure sometime soon, though.
8th of 7, May 10 2012

       //Do you have any idea how much that is going to cost?// Just send me 75% of what you reckon it will cost and I will promise to keep schtum.
AusCan531, May 10 2012

       I'm curious as to how you all make a supposed living out of the experimental anarchist commune you call Britain, [Max]. What is your actual job description again? Pubic Louse Sexer or something, isn't it?
UnaBubba, May 11 2012

       //Pubic Louse Sexer   

       No, that's a guild job, gotta be born into it. Most of the Uk makes a living by selling dodgy stocks to one another or appearing as stereotypical English on American tv. Hugh Laurie excepted.   

       Just pondering, do the lice fall prey to sexually transmitted diseases?
not_morrison_rm, May 12 2012

       Just wondering how many pubic lice are LASERed to death, given the recent trend to hair removal...
UnaBubba, May 12 2012

       //I'm curious as to how you all make a supposed living out of the experimental anarchist commune you call Britain//   

       Well, the first (and most obvious) step was deporting all the undesirables to Australia. Of course, having gotten that out of the way, they're still figuring out step two.
ytk, May 12 2012

       //all the undesirables//. i.e. Anyone more intelligent, successful, physically attractive etc. than one's self.   

       I thought it would be well known by now that what the Australian's did was the inverse of Tom Sawyer's ploy with whitewashing the fence. In this case, the Aussies came up with the story that it is chockfull of all these nasty, venomous critters so those who couldn't figure out that it was in reality much better than The Olde World would stay home.
AusCan531, May 12 2012

       I have a feeling the first Europeans to arrive here were pretty unhappy at first, before they figured out it's warm and sunny, food's not that hard to obtain and it's not crawling with nasty fucking Scots and Welsh hooligans.
UnaBubba, May 13 2012

       What's more, it's virtually Viking-proof. We can't abide the spiders, you see.
Alterother, May 13 2012

       //food's not that hard to obtain//   

       If you can call it "food". All Vegemite and 'roo meat. Blecch.
ytk, May 13 2012


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