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Red Laser Skull

don't go unnoticed
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This is a red shiny plastic skull that fits over the wearer's own head; at the touch of a button strong red laser light comes out of about a hundred points on the skull, radially outwards.
Harry Mudd, Jul 02 2007

Darth Maul http://www.costumes...etail.asp?sku=TA208
Not quite lasers... [Jinbish, Jul 02 2007]

The Red Skull http://www.marvel.c...ull_(Johann_Shmidt)
Not Captain America's biggest fan... [Jinbish, Jul 02 2007]

Laser eyes vampire skull http://www.markbspl...e_skull_project.htm
[xandram, Jul 03 2007]


       Isn't this what would happen if you pulled all the pins out of the Lead Cenobite's head?
skinflaps, Jul 03 2007

       Yeah, pretty much.
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 03 2007

       Note to self: always check the category before yelling "Why????"
simonj, Nov 03 2007

       Can I have one of these but as shorts? I would use it for my standup act instead of a rimshot.
bungston, Jul 18 2012

       blinding people wherever you go... I like it.
Voice, Jul 18 2012


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