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[Jul 02 2006, last modified Sep 27 2016]
 anti adblock
(+3, -4) anti graffiti spray paint
 auto-Advert cutter
 Auto tap
 auto windscreen wipers
(+4) battery powered wifi display
(+1, -8)(+1, -8) Body heat dissipater
 carbon nano tube composite electret
 Ceramic mouth piece
(+3) Cold/Hot storage for heat pumps
(-1) composite broadcast frequencies
(+2) Cooling mat for cellphone charging
(+3) De-lignified wood
 Digital receipts
(+3, -2) Facial recognition/comparison of porn stars
(+1) Fatigue resistant ceramic
 gaseousphobic surface
(+2, -3) Glowing Fuel
(+6) GPS based hitch hiking thumb
(+2) High surface energy roads
(+4, -1) inbuilt cellphone projector
(+3, -2) Lung powered Generator
(+3) magnetically aligned concrete
(+1) Minerals on tap
(-2) organic water filter
(+1) Personal Shopper
 Reduced TC formaldehyde resin foam
(+2) Remove unwanted ads from your tv viewing
(+1) Respiratory tract probiotics
(+1) Revamp old driving simulators
(+3) reverse microwave
(+1) Reverse solar collector
(-8)(-8) Sanitiser Spray
(+1, -6)(+1, -6) Smell tracking robot
(+1) Static stylus
 sunlight IR trap
(+4) Thermal self regulating window
 tissue relaxation dentistry
(+1) Tooth paste in a tablet
(+2, -1) Uric acid oxidation battery
 World Windows

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