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Personal office lawn

Add UV, water and a little love
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As a additional service unit of Architectural Preference Inc(API stress relief unit)upon API's initial service, they offer the opportunity to plant small lawns within box trays sunken into the floor underneath the desks of workers.

The lawns are maintained on a regular basis which include the use of small electric mowers and the checking of the internal office floor irrigation system.

UV lights are attached either under the desk or upon the lid of the lawn box tray and are timed to turn on when the office is closed or as desired.

The internal office irrigation system will sprinkle water upon the lawns at night.

When times of a "good feel" are needed, the worker simply removes shoes and clean socks, lifts the lid and curls the feet and toes upon the lawn as if sitting upon a grassy country field on a summer day.

Additional flora or even fauna can be included as part of the package, you may also include a border of small flowers for your lawn.

skinflaps, Nov 12 2004

API http://www.halfbake..._20Preference_20Inc
[skinflaps, Nov 12 2004]

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A vaguely similar notion [angel, Nov 12 2004]


       thanks freerunner, I could do with one of these - Can my feet get a tan under the UV too?
zen_tom, Nov 12 2004

       [tabs], that sort of thing isn't appropriate in an office environment. [+] for the grass.
contracts, Nov 12 2004

       My boss has a pot full of grass on his window sill. His office smells really nice when he clips it.   

       Embedding it in the floor seems like a bit to much effort, but + anyway.
scad mientist, Nov 12 2004

       [scad mientist] That nice-smelling kind of 'grass', eh?
hippo, Nov 12 2004

       Problem there [hippo] is that there would probably be plumes of smoke rising from beneath everyones desks.   

       Thanks [Tabs]
skinflaps, Nov 12 2004

       Would also be an optional "warm summer breeze" fan for the desk top?   

       I suppose, being a telecommuter with wireless networking, I could just go work out on the lawn.
half, Nov 12 2004

       If you like half, and a gentle babbling brook sound as a call waiting theme on your telephone.
skinflaps, Nov 12 2004

       Good idea. Especially if the good looking neighbor cuts her lawn in her cutoffs.
Noexit, Nov 12 2004

       i want one! in fact, i think i will make one.
vocalbill, Nov 16 2004


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