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Personal slavery

Temporary slavery as punishment for personal crimes.
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If someone robs you, for example, you could have them be your domestic or personal slave for some period of time. You could do with them as you wished, including further punishing them for bad behavior, for some period of time defined by the severity of their crime. This could be an alternative to a long prison sentence, and might help some criminals recuperate.

Obviously, this isn't a good idea for particularly vicious criminals, as they might just kill their masters or something. The sane ones could be fixed with transponders to keep track of where they are, and you could send them on errands for you and do whatever.

Basically, they'd be your bitch for some period of time, and then they'd be set free, instead of wasting their time in jail.

Crazy Bastard, Aug 29 2002


       Penal servitude has been Baked at least since Roman times, and most likely far longer than that (take a stroll on google.com). Please try and come up with original ideas.
DrCurry, Aug 29 2002

       Aha! This smells like satire to me.
-alx, Aug 29 2002

       What do you have in mind here? Doing the dishes? Oral sex?   

       Just an all-around bad concept here.
waugsqueke, Aug 29 2002

       This sounds similar to a concept I have encountered called "Marriage", except with this it's for a fixed term - you don't have to mortgage your immortal soul to get free ....
8th of 7, Aug 29 2002

       Hm... I haven't read much about either of those, nor seen that Seinfeld. I wasn't aware that Rome had penal servitude. I'm pretty ignorant, I suppose.   

       But, either way, this is an innovation, since we're not exactly living in Roman times.   

       I had in mind yes, something like doing the dishes, running to get groceries, etc. etc.   

       Sex slavery would be taking it a bit far... but there should be some more manual labor involved.   

       Maybe Chain Gangs would be a good idea then, to reinstate them, that is?   

       Well, that's baked, so I guess I tried :-P
Crazy Bastard, Aug 29 2002


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