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Prepaid Punishment

Pay your debt to society in advanced!
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When a crime is committed, the legal ramifications are somewhat of a long drawn-out process from the time that it happens to the day of sentencing. This can prove to be inconvenient in circumstances where the accused has made plans that conflict with the various court dates, appeals, continuances, and so-forth.

So lets say that the offender does not want to miss certain holidays. birthdays, etc. with his family over a crime that carries a 150-day punishment. Prepaid punishment will allow him to start serving time immediately until his court date. If he is found guilty, he continues to serve time until the sentencing date. The accused gets credit for the time served and remains in jail for the balance of the time unless, of course, he's served more time than he has been sentenced.

This also works for students with bad grades. If they know that they are going to get grounded, they can start 2 weeks before report cards are released and then when the grades arrive, they might be able to get off of punishment in time for the upcoming party that weekend.

Jscotty, Mar 24 2010

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       well baked: see "christianity"
AutoMcDonough, Mar 24 2010

       Too funny (Note: Review average sentences for premeditated murder)
normzone, Mar 24 2010

       Errm... I think that was invented long before 1990.
mouseposture, Mar 25 2010

       I thought this was more of an insurance policy sort of thing, whereby one could make regular monthly payments in the expectation that one might, at some point in the future, commit some sort of transgression resulting in a punishment that includes a fine: at that point, you file a claim with your Preferred Prepaid Punishment Policy Provider, who raise your rates. It eventually becomes impossible for you to get a new policy because you have a pre-existing condition: namely, you are a scofflaw.
land, Mar 26 2010


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