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Poetical Piracy Punishment

Intellectual property thieves forced to do good for society.
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"Mr. Jae Wong-Lee, this court finds you guilty of 2,456 counts of copyright infringment and profit from the sales of intellectual property which you did not own."

"I hereby order that your manufacturing equipment be siezed, and that you serve four years in pirate costume to amuse society and to serve as a warning to others."

"You will be taken from here to a place of costuming, where you will be clad in a pair of scruffy trousers, a striped shirt, and will be provided with an eye-patch, a fake parrot, and a three-cornered hat. Baliff, take him away!"

For the next four years, Mr. Wong-Lee will be monitored electronically to ensure that he spends at least twenty hours a week in a public place, wearing his court-ordered habillement. He will bring the trappings of piracy back to a populace which has long missed them, and will learn useful skills which will assist in his return to honest and decent society.

the_jxc, Jun 29 2005


       Sounds like more of an incentive than a deterrent to me.
wagster, Jun 29 2005

       Mr Wong-Lee, accused of bad Piracy
Appealed his case, though it was virus-y.
Acquitted he was,
And the reason because,
He was Wong-Lee accused of cons' piracy!
csea, Jun 29 2005

       And the invention here is...what, exactly?
bristolz, Jun 29 2005

       Wait for it...
Texticle, Jun 29 2005

       Its called a "tri-corner".
kaz, Jun 29 2005

       Go for it [UnaBubba]; you know you want to.   

       ed: I removed the bit about not saying anything, after the boys in bluebeard post.
Texticle, Jun 30 2005

       I'm sitting in the office copying everything I can lay my hands on. When do I get my free pirate costume?
DocBrown, Jun 30 2005

       //Intellectual property thieves forced to do good for society//

How can you be so sure that they aren't already doing good for society?
DrBob, Jul 02 2005

       If they are we'll be changing that very soon. No more highlighting security weaknesses to aid society. They'll be in a huge computer suit for the rest of their days...
Germanicus, Jul 02 2005

       They copy worse than that, such as mimicking internet auction sites and sending phoney e-mails to extract money from the elderly and the internet-possessed.
mensmaximus, Jul 02 2005


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