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Mirror Cells

For your punishment, you will face... yourself!
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A jail cell for drug addicts. Most of them can't stand to look at themselves in a mirror, so my proposed punishment is a chamber consisting entirely of mirrored surfaces. Floor, ceiling, and walls. Even the door, flush-mounted in the mirrored wall. Not a single break or visible seam in the entire chamber, except for the single, soft light in the center of the ceiling, floor, and each wall.
21 Quest, Dec 04 2009


       Hmm. The mirror's at the hairdresser are bad enough. I'm not sure to bun this because it would be an effective punishment, or bone it because it's cruel.

       On balance, I will bone it because you spelled "ceiling" wrong.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 05 2009

       The mirror's whats [MB}?
pocmloc, Dec 05 2009

       The mirror's reflection, of course. Do try to keep up.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 05 2009

       drug addicts are not criminals, they are people with an addiction. You are mean. Santa will not be popping by your house this year.
blissmiss, Dec 05 2009

       It's only meant for the ones who commit drug-induced or drug- related crimes, Bliss.
21 Quest, Dec 05 2009

       Probably the wrong way to go about it but making people reflect more is a good thing, especially about actions that destroy social harmony.
wjt, Dec 05 2009

       This would drive the prisoner to suicide, and give them the means to do it.
DrWorm, Dec 05 2009

       Either way... one less drug addict in the world. It's a good thing. And all it takes is a few, video recorded and shown on Prime-time TV, to drastically reduce the amount of people willing to risk it to commit these kinds of crimes. Do it to the dealers, too.

       And Max, I fixed the spelling error. Thanks.
21 Quest, Dec 05 2009

       You know I was addicted don't you?
blissmiss, Dec 05 2009

       Really, [21 Quest] you think it's a good thing if people who use drugs kill themselves? This from the same person who spouted on about what women should be allowed to use their bodies for, and how the rights of blastocysts supercede all others... but if you use a drug, then go jump off a bridge? What a sanctimonious unfeeling piece of shit you must be.

       Get rid of the stupid fucking drug laws in the first place. Problem solved, and no one has to kill themselves to please [21 Quest].
tatterdemalion, Dec 05 2009

       I never said they'd be in there long enough to drive them to suicide. That assumption was leaped to by DrWorm, and I just didn't immediately jump on the defensive and correct him. It would be implemented, ideally, in hourly increments, closely supervised by psychologists, preferably with a background in social work, to determine when they've had enough. I envisioned this as a kind of a 'facing your fears' type of treatment, and only used on those who commit crimes induced by or related to drug use. And by crimes, I don't mean usage. I mean things like robbery, assault, murder, rape, and selling to kids.
21 Quest, Dec 05 2009

       It appeared [DrWorm] was pointing out a shortfalling in your plan, that "this would drive the prisoner to suicide," - and your response, [21 Quest]: "Either way... one less drug addict in the world. It's a good thing." I wasn't extrapolating anything, those are direct quotes.

       You dodged my question - do you think it's a good thing that addicts kill themselves? But I don't need your answer, it's self-evident in the postings.

       Your devotion to the sanctity of life comes and goes at whim, seemingly rushing back to you when it's most self-serving to do so.
tatterdemalion, Dec 06 2009

       Hehehe... nice try, tatter, but I'm not going for it. Take your trolling elsewhere, you'll find no prey here. I meant pushing them a wee bit over the edge is a good thing, because fear is the only thing that'll get through to some people. And if some can't take it and end their lives when they get out, then that's on them. Probably a better fate than the road their weakness would have otherwise led them down without love and support from their friends. If they've got friends and/or family who care about them, then they can help them cope with the nightmares of what they saw in the Mirror Cell. Without a good support system they don't have much of a chance anyway. But maybe, just maybe, the fear of facing themselves at every turn will be enough to snap them out of their drug-crazed stupor and inspire them to get better.
21 Quest, Dec 06 2009

       //having weeded out the week// and even the strong are wandering around in a days.
FlyingToaster, Dec 06 2009

       The infinite reflections will also help them to deal with their existential fears. That is until someone smuggles in a laser pointer and they amuse themselves by seeing how many walls the light can bounce off of before the dot lands on Gary's testicles.
leinypoo13, Dec 06 2009

       The fact that it would be perfect to cut a line on would be enough to drive them mad.
shudderprose, Dec 06 2009


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