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Personal trainer on weights

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based off the idea of "picking up girls"

You have a scantly clad trainer (boy or a girl), who basically use their own weight to provide the resistance on weight lifting machines.

The weight lifting machine has a chair that the trainer sits on. They can adjust the resistance by varying the amount of force they lean on the chair. e.g. both foot on the ground, vs all foot off the ground.

Hopefully that will provide some motivation for people to exercise.

mofosyne, Oct 26 2010

On picking up girls On_20Picking_20Up_20Girls
Idea it was based off [mofosyne, Oct 26 2010]


       I thought they were all on too much caffeine and suspect "supplements".
infidel, Oct 26 2010

       Okay, but you'd have to start out with skeletal anorexic trainers, and gradually work up to the morbidly obese.
DrWorm, Oct 26 2010

       I knew a female personal trainer who weighed around 150kg. Her slogan was "There's a thinner you inside, waiting to be released". I estimated she had at least two, possibly three, of them.
infidel, Oct 26 2010


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