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Positive feedback grip trainers

As annoying as you like it
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This would be a line of grip trainers (those spring handle things fitness buffs are always squeezing in their spare time) that provide a variety of feedback options when you successfully squeeze the handles together, ranging from a simple LED light to haptic vibration to an audible "Fuck yeah!"

Every. Single. Time.

21 Quest, Apr 05 2024


       I like this. How about settings that taunt you go push harder like "That all you got!?!"?
doctorremulac3, Apr 05 2024

       "That's like a handshake off middle management, step it up!"
bs0u0155, Apr 05 2024

       I like it. Like if you let up before contact was made, R Lee Ermey's voice bellows out "Freeze dirtbag!"
21 Quest, Apr 05 2024

       "Oooh yes that's the spot. Right there. Harder!"
Voice, Apr 06 2024


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