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Personalized File Listing Order

alternative to "by date", "by type", "by name"
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There are certain files that I always want listed first, second, and third in my Windows directories. Aside from naming a file "AaaaaaaSales Report.doc" in order to get it to list first, or naming my files "00 Sales Report.doc", "01 Inventory.doc", "02 Customers.doc" in order to force the listing to be in the right order, I propose the following:

In the Properties tab, to be able to set the display priority of a file, if you choose. Then, along with "by name", "by date modified", etc. in the Arrange Icons menu, you can choose "by personalized file listing order" and achieve the display you want without butchering your file names.

phundug, Jul 28 2003


       What happens to new files? What happens if you want two files to show up first?
phoenix, Jul 28 2003


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