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Transactional Filesystem

ACID-compliant Computer Filesystem
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Sometimes I need to make changes to a web server that's under load. I want to move a file that's already on the production server off to a backup location somewhere, and I want to copy the file I've been developing into its place. I want to do this without disrupting users who might be accessing this file, and I want the whole operation to succeed or fail as a unit. Proposed is a filesystem that allows nontrivial ACID-compliant transactions like modern relational database systems do for their data.
kevinthenerd, Feb 08 2012

Transactional file systems http://en.wikipedia...tional_file_systems
[spidermother, Feb 08 2012]


       I thought this was exactly how most modern file systems worked. They're even called transactional file systems.
spidermother, Feb 08 2012

       The key word here is "nontrivial". I want to make multiple changes in a single transaction and have them succeed or fail as a unit.
kevinthenerd, Feb 22 2013


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