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Pet walks in at ground level, tub rises to a level comfortable for humans to work with.
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I was giving my dog its yearly bath and my back began to hurt, and I thought, why not make an adjustable pet-tub so the owner, (or whoever is doing the bathing of the animal) doesn't have to bend over?

Also, why should you have to physically pick up the animal to get it into the tub? If you can put a door in the side of the tub and have the door at (or pretty near) ground level, the dog could be led inside on its leash, then you close the door, fill the tub up with water, and then push a hydraulic lever that raises the tub to a level that's comfortable for the user. Something like a barber chair pump, or something.

smurfzilla, Jun 03 2004

Hydraulic table http://www.labsafet...11052&parent_id=108

Pet Ladder http://www.doxiedud...ducts/petladder.htm
Another option. [kbecker, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


phoenix, Jun 03 2004

       Since you already use hydraulics a hydraulic table should work for you (link). If you have sufficient water pressure you could run the water for filling through a turbin to drive the lift, so the table rises as the tub fills.
kbecker, Jun 03 2004

       You could have a doughnut shaped tub - with a mini-pet-tub in the middle - then you could take a bath together.
Dub, Oct 26 2007


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