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Pet Sperm Bank

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Maybe this already exists, but what if you buy a male dog or cat and you're about to go get it neutered and you had the option of them getting a sperm sample from the dog or cat before the operation, so if this dog or cat turns out the be the best pet you've ever had, you have the option of getting at least half of their genes in a future pet.

I think people -- especially rich people -- would do this.

EdisonsTwin, Jul 03 2006

International Canine Semen Bank, LLC http://www.ik9sb.com/
[jutta, Jul 04 2006]


       Rich people would do this, instead of getting a pet from the Humane Society and investing the time and love to make it the best they'd ever had.   

gisho, Jul 03 2006

       I had a pet sperm, but it died.
pertinax, Jul 03 2006

       awww. I thought this was a 'Sea-Monkeys' idea.
monojohnny, Jul 03 2006

       Okay, I just petted my sperm bank. It felt good.
baconbrain, Jul 03 2006

       If your pet turns out to be "the best pet you've ever had," you clone the thing, not breed it.
DrCurry, Jul 03 2006

       Hellooo! Dolly!, Well Helloo! Dolly!.
gnomethang, Jul 03 2006

       You can always rely on your pet sperm to wag its tail.
Ling, Jul 04 2006

       Well, this is pretty well baked, but I'm in support of the idea. [DrCurry], let's see now... sperm bank or cloning? Honestly, that's a little like saying, I need bread from the store, I guess I'll take the helicopter. Geez.   

       Besides, a recent experiment of cloning a deer resulted in animal personalities COMPLETELY different from each other. There are generally problems with the clones given the current state of the art. "Dolly" had a lot of health problems that were unanticipated.   

       Nope. I'd rather breed than clone. Cheaper (by SEVERAL orders of magnitude) and much healthier results.
zigness, Jul 07 2006

       I'd rather breed than clone? Yes, but for aesthetic reasons.
ldischler, Jul 07 2006

       why is everyone talking about clones? The idea only calls for artifical fertilization.
loonquawl, Apr 20 2009

       dunno, but there's always more prospective pets than there are prospective owners and temperament seems to be more or less evenly distributed within a breed regardless of heredity, so [-]
FlyingToaster, Apr 20 2009


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