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Pet Paradise

A wonderful fun day out for your pet
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I feel sorry for my hamster who is well over the expected life age, but he hasn't had much fun. I thought if there was a service that lets pet's enjoy their natural habitat for a day it would be great. Hammy would love a day in a Siberean desert digging tunnels and playing with other hamsters. The pets would be tagged (implants) so that they would be easy to find when collecting them. Budgies could spend the day flying around a reconstructed Jungle.

Dogs could just have a big field filled with slippers and sticks.

Cats - hmm, maybe just a big bed and a few birds to chase

Stuck on Stick insects.

The only problem I thought of is that 'Hammy' might have a heart attack from the excitement.

gizmo, Apr 06 2002

baked for dogs http://www.thedogisland.com/
but they have to stay there for life... [futurebird, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Good idea...I rather hope to provide a continually interesting life for the animals dependent on me, though.
Dog Ed, Apr 06 2002

       Any breed that is likely to attack another should be kept apart in their very own section of the Paradise Park.   

       I also thought of the trouble getting them back, the tags/implants could release a small dose of 'sleeping drug'. You could just pick them up and take them home. By the next day they would feel fine, and have a lovely memory of their day out. Except fish - I don't think they have a memory.
gizmo, Apr 06 2002

       I think God removed the memory from fish in order to spare them from boredom. 'Well, I'm over on this side of the tank again...'
RayfordSteele, Apr 06 2002

       Must have done the same for me. 'Well, I'm back on this Web site again . . .'   

       And a flaky Fransk pastry for [gizmo].
bristolz, Apr 06 2002

       Tranquilizer-like drugs might work on ground-dwelling animals, but I doubt that it would be effective for birds unless you want them dropping several hundred feet while in mid-flight..   

       Neat idea, though, and a croissant from moi.
Pseudonym #3, Apr 06 2002

       fish have a memory of four seconds but sometimes they must remember somthing.
gizmo, Apr 06 2002

       I'm sure my fish would love a grand day out in some rambling brook or calm lake to swim around in all day, even if they can't remember it the next day. Joy for a 24 hours, great idea.
arora, Apr 06 2002

       The happiest fish I ever knew was one called Skippy whose owner used to take it down the pub of an evening, in its bowl, where it would swim to its heart's content on the bar. Everyone stopped to talk to it and some even gave it crunched-up crisps and stuff.
maggie, Apr 07 2002

       If fish really don't have good memories, couldn't you just *tell* them they went to the Paradise Park the day before?
phoenix, Apr 07 2002

       Sure, I like my dog and he would probably love a vacation filled with girlie toy poodles, filet mignon, and lots of cats, firetrucks and mailmen to chase, BUT geeeesssh, next you'll be taking him to the pet psychologist for depression. (yeah, I know they exist however lame they may be)   

       If you are really concerned with your pet's happiness, let it go free and see if it comes back. Or would that just test it's stupidity?
dag, Apr 08 2002

       dag: I have had a number of ex-racing greyhounds, they don't come back. I'm sure they would have loved just one more day at the races, allowed to actually eat the fake hare.
arora, Apr 08 2002

       // The happiest fish I ever knew... //   

       How does one determine whether a fish is happy at all, let alone in comparison other less-happy fish?
waugsqueke, Apr 08 2002

       // I think God removed the memory from fish in order to spare them from boredom. 'Well, I'm over on this side of the tank again...' \\   

       He he, funny. That's a nice idea but you'd have to have people watching the animals. Violence might break out or some animals may rape others. Scary.
Spread, Apr 09 2002

       This would be a good place to dump your pets and kids while you're on vacation. Let nature have its course and every month have a lottery to return to the winning contributors the fittest survivors/offspring.
FarmerJohn, Apr 10 2002

       are kids considered as animals.
gizmo, Apr 10 2002

       Young goats are definately animals. And so are human children.
dag, Apr 10 2002

       Good idea and i am friends with wkd_man ; )
toad, May 10 2002

       Sorry to add this, but my hammy died shortly after moving house, he didn't really recover after the move - but he was quite old for hammy years 3.5 years. which is good I think. I still think he would have loved a day in the desert, but my back yard is nearly the same on a sunny day. Bye Hammy.
gizmo, Apr 01 2003

       bye hammy, bye hammy. how sad.   

       he knew you loved him [gizzy]
po, Apr 01 2003


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