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If You have a cat but notime to play
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Well You have a pet dog/cat. But your job keeps you very busy.You cant play with it all the while any more. But it is close to your heart. You dont wanna say good bye to it either just bcoz it comes to you with the ball to play.

Enter the PetBall. This ball has some mechanics and probably some electronics inside that make it do all sorts of tricks. And lure your pet into play and keep it busy. The electronics inside randomize the tricks and also allow you to control it from remote.. that is to switch that from different modes like PLayground, stop, indoors, etc. Some problems would be: Window panes and anyhthing made of glass would be in danger, unless it is sophisticated enough to have perimeter-control. Also There is a problem of the power source. It would need a lot of power. And recharging would be a big headache as well... dudes, please halfbake some ideas for this. I don't know exactly how it can be done. But if you give this idea to any big toy company they should be able to do it.

Another idea that occured to me was a laser-pointer. A small standard laser , used for presentations, could be attached to the walls just like security cameras. these would detect where the dog is and flash some light around it and move the pointer from one end to another, wriggle just in front of it, etc. Thus luring the pet.

kamathln, Mar 13 2005


       Adopt another cat.
Pericles, Mar 13 2005

       Disappointed that this didn't involve pet evening gowns and lots of elaborate dances, little finger sandwiches and champagne.
normzone, Mar 14 2005

       Is randomness what attracts cats? I wonder where the line is between random and predictable for a cat. It would be interesting to have a computer program that determined the line and then played around with it. Once I saw a cat killing a mouse really slowly. It would beat the mouse almost to death and then when the mouse wouldn't move for a while the cat would get bored and look away, but keep one hand near the mouse, and when the mouse would move again the cat would all of the sudden get interested again. It was as if the cat was a philosopher trying to figure out what life was by toying with the line between life and death. I think cats would be really interested in a toy like this, computer programmed to find out exactly what interests them in terms of movement, not just to interest them as much as possible..
JesusHChrist, Mar 14 2005

       Sick but true, [JHC]. Word on the street has it that there's big-time manna in death magic. Got to wonder about feline necromancy.
normzone, Mar 14 2005

       //Adopt another cat..// Are you (two cats) mad [Pericles} !?   

       [kamathlin] Look in category Home: Pet: Cat: Entertainment for several closely related ideas.
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 14 2005

       [ConsulFlaminicus]: Actually, I was two cats mad... until poor Chispa (cat no.1) died a bit over a year ago. Ché (cat no.2) has never gotten over her death, she's not the same.   

       Cats enjoy each other's company more than any other toy/game/distraction. Nobody will lick the "hard-to-reach" spots for them, or play with their tail, or cuddle 20 hours a day on the couch.   

       Still, I think the intention behind this idea is very noble: loving animals and caring about them. So, [+].
Pericles, Mar 15 2005

       //[normzone]: Disappointed that this didn't involve pet evening gowns and lots of elaborate dances, little finger sandwiches and champagne.//   

       then it would be baked!
kamathln, Mar 17 2005


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