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Pet Drink

Canned drinks, and powdered drink mix, for pets
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There are so many products to feed to your pet, and so few beverages! Why not some special drinks just for pets? If it was a handy powder mix, you could simply pour it into the toilet for your dog. Or open a zesty can of Squirel Squeezin's for your cat.
Krate, Feb 06 2002

K9-Quencher http://www.k9-quencher.com/
Bakey bakey. You ought to do a Google search for ideas to make sure they don't already exist. [waugsqueke, Feb 06 2002]

Glycocharge http://www.annamaet.com/dogs/glyco.html
Post-exercise glycogen recharge drink for dogs [Heathera, Jan 10 2007]


       the reason why there are so few beverages is because water is the best drink for all animals including us (yes, Peter)
po, Feb 06 2002

       Peter, really a fascinating link you provided...I had no idea that the concept of on-line groceries existed in Singapore...let alone that the local population was sufficiently fluent in the English language that it would warrant such a well designed site for the local English-speaking grocery shopper!...One question, though..Does anyone know what F&N Ice Cream Soda (referred to in the PS link) tastes like ? Or is it just Fanta Cream soda in another marketing guise? Sounds so intriguingly tasty, I'm wondering if the rest of the world is privy to something singularly wonderful that has yet to reach Southern California shores.   

       (I was so amazed at the other aspects of the site, Peter, I'm not going to bust your chops for having provided a link to a site that had absolutely nothing other than the name in common with the idea, as you undoubtedly knew.)
jurist, Feb 07 2002

       If you could find something that smelled like vanilla to humans and skunk pellets and human crotches to dogs, you might have something there.
prune, Feb 11 2002

       I was expecting an idea involving a kitten and a blender.

If you are really fussed, feed Fido gravy. (Or Spravy, I suppose)
mcscotland, Feb 11 2002

       Dogs will drink quite a lot of things, most of them bad - including red wine from a glass forgetfully placed in an accessible position (fortuantely the eager slurping gave away the situation before any significant amount was consumed). He also likes fruit juices but is only allowed a little, watered down,. because of the high sugar contents. I think that vetinarily-designed and approved flavoured pet drinks would be a good think. Why not ? Croissant.
8th of 7, Aug 08 2002

       I think dogs drink from toilets because the water is so cold.
mattyoungrev2, Nov 22 2002

       I thought you meant a drink that would taste like your pet.
mrthingy, Nov 22 2002

       When my cat catches some native birds it can drink its blood, therefore i dont need to buy it some petdrink.
reheated, Nov 23 2002

       Whiskas sell lactose-free milk for cats. My cat hates it. To me it smells and tastes just like Ideal tinned milk. I wouldn't say no to using it if I ran out of milk for my tea. Actually it might be good for those lactose-intolerant people who can't have dairy.
Lula, Jun 15 2003

       A sport drink for dogs! Awesome! I've been waiting for someone to make something like this. My dog goes and goes! I'd love to give him something more than a bowl of plain old water. I checked out both websites and I like the name of the flavors. "Smokin' Hot Dog," "Lickin' Chickin'," & "Electryc Ice Cream." Cool.
unrealpatch, Jul 12 2005

       How about a sport drink for reptiles, caymans, crocodiles and the like?   

       Don't know what to name it, though.
bristolz, Jul 12 2005

       Lots of of the sled dog racers around here give their teams a drink of "Glycocharge" (see link) after their runs. It's a cross-over from the trendy human post-exercise recovery drinks. The dogs think it's yummy.
Heathera, Jan 10 2007

       I think [bristolz] was being coy, and had "gator-ade" in mind. Then there's the ever popular drink for the concupiscent pet, "Mount'n'do."
csea, Jan 10 2007

       Yeah, sports drinks for dogs in particular are fairly well bakled, packaged, and sold over the internet.   

       A lot of people up here that use hunting dogs carry special electrolyte powders for dogs suffering heat exhaustion (apparently gatorate or other human drinks are fairly incompatible, and you really need to use the dog version). Apparently it really works and can recover an animal that otherwise would probably expire.
Custardguts, Jan 10 2007


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