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Pet Food Sampler Pack

To help ascertain their favourite flavours provide a small sample ofeach all at once.
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We have a cat and a dog who are each fed dry food pellets. They seem happy and healthy enough with this diet and the occasional treat. When I do the pet food shopping I tend to stick to the same brand but vary the flavours for a bit of variety. It occurred to me that I really have no idea as to the individual pets’ preferences. I mean does the dog favour ‘Beef’ over ‘Chicken’? Is the cat quietly disappointed when I don’t come home with ‘Ocean Catch’? I mean they eat the stuff in a bowl but it’s not like they have a choice.

I’m certainly not going to buy 4 X Five Kilo sacks of each variety to let the little darlings sniff-n-choose the ones which they find most appealing so it’s time for the manufacturers to provide a single package containing, say 100 grams, of each flavour made so the pets can communicate their preferences by the prder in which they eat them. This will make the animals’ lives better, reduce doubt in the mind of the shopper and engender brand loyalty.

AusCan531, Sep 12 2019


       //by the order in which they eat them// - how do you know if your cat is thinking "I'm going straight for that one because it's my favourite!", or "Ooh, I'm going to save that yummy flavour for last!"?

Also, are pets not allowed to change their minds from day to day ("Today I rather fancy those crunchy tuna-flavoured pellets...")?
hippo, Sep 12 2019

       I love the idea - I often wonder the same thing when buying catfood for our cat.   

       His usual scheme is to yowl demandingly until I put the food in front of him, take one sniff, and walk out. I suspect he just enjoys the performance.   

Frankx, Sep 13 2019

       Damn human, keeps getting me food that tastes like wallboard - I'll show him! <pees in laundry>
Ooooh, my human got me exactly what I want! I'm marking him as mine forever! <pees in laundry>
lurch, Sep 13 2019

       Good idea on an anthropomorphic tasting level. Still doesn't quite have the life stimulating hunt, I imagine most predators seek.
wjt, Sep 14 2019


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