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Pet Food Bowl With Integrated Dog Or Cat Mask

When Fido's having dinner he's "Bat Dog" (Or Superdog, or Irondog)
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A dog or cat Halloween style mask with an open portion at the bottom through which they poke their snouts to eat from the attached bowl. Eye holes like you have in any mask are included. The bowl is covered so the only access to the food is through the hole in the mask.

So whenever they eat it looks like they're wearing a superhero mask.

Masks could obviously be interchangeable. Keep in mind, the mask could include a fake mouth, smile, teeth etc. as the food access hole where their actual snout is could just be beneath it.

With a little creativity you could probably make the whole thing, bowl and all, a mask. Make it look like an absurdly huge nose or something. Or look like one of those fake torsos with arms and legs.

Alternately the mask can be the bowl.

doctorremulac3, Mar 02 2023

Some of these are pretty creepy though. https://www.boredpa...tm_campaign=organic
I like the smiley dog. [doctorremulac3, Mar 02 2023]

This is where I got the idea. https://www.sunnysk...-Built-In-Dog-Masks
[doctorremulac3, Mar 02 2023]

Maybe go for it with a full torso, legs and arms. https://www.hallowe...m/pet-costumes.html
[doctorremulac3, Mar 02 2023]

Version for children https://www.gocomics.com/lio/2023/03/07
[a1, Mar 07 2023]


       Flat- faced dog breeds, and most cats, would have trouble accessing their food through a hole in a mask.   

       Also, with a cat, I think the cat would just say* "you want me to WHAT? Just give me my food in a proper bowl RIGHT NOW!"   

       *Not necessarily in words.
pertinax, Mar 02 2023

       Of course there would be a camera built-in, to capture Underdog's secret identity as the Shoeshine Boy.
RayfordSteele, Mar 02 2023


       I get that. Showing my age.   

       I think for shorter snouts you'd make it adjustable. Maybe I'll put this on the weekend project list.
doctorremulac3, Mar 02 2023

       Can Fido hear the difference between bat and bad? According to the immortal Pratchett, every dog has an insecurity that he is actually a bad dog. I wouldn't want to exacerbate his neuroses.
Voice, Mar 07 2023

       I'm really surprised this isn't a Xenzag idea.
21 Quest, Mar 07 2023

       I'll take that as a compliment.   

       //Can Fido hear the difference between bat and bad?//   

       I'm gonna say no. I myself would hear somebody yell "BAT DOG!" and ask "What'd the poor little guy do?
doctorremulac3, Mar 07 2023

       No one cared who Fluffy was before she put on the mask.   

Voice, Mar 08 2023

       That first link up there, well, let's just say I have enough nightmare content for a few years. Hell no.
blissmiss, Mar 09 2023

       Yea, agreed. I like the second one though. Looks like, some Valhalla pooches or something.
doctorremulac3, Mar 09 2023


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