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Pez Nail

A nail clipper, modified in the following way:
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Turning the lever arms a cartridge that is housed along the length of the clipper.
Depressing the lever dispenses a small amount of resin that comes to lie between the clipping edges and the bolt.
Releasing the lever snips the resin off from the cartridge.
The bead of resin then drops out from behind the cutting edges, having caught the nail clipping that would otherwise have flown off to the other side of the room.

The resin is flavoured and edible for those who still want to chew their nails.

shudderprose, Jul 05 2009


       I have to agree with 21'er on this. And I am suspecting that hB now has an auto-bunner, in addition to the autoboner. [Neutral]
swimswim, Jul 05 2009

       What if you want to chew someone else's nails ?
8th of 7, Jul 05 2009

       //if you want to chew your nails, why clip them?//   

       Think of it as a step down stage for those who find it hard to stop. A keratin methadone if you like.
This idea is really only a method to catch clippings, not a method to eat them. That's extra.

       Got some beads I've been keeping for you [8th].
shudderprose, Jul 05 2009


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