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Phalanges Dryus

dry between your toes
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Many people fail to dry between their toes properly, leading to all kinds of problems.

Phalanges Dryus solves all of your toe drying needs. It's a handheld device, much like a battery operated toothbrush, except instead of bristles there is a rotating contoured vertical shaft covered with soft absorbent towelling material. To use, simply insert the rotating shaft between each pair of toes and work along the length of each foot.

After use, Phalanges Dryus is placed back in its holder where it gets charged up again, and the brush is dried off with the application of some gentle heat. A range of interchangeable brushes enables Phalanges Dryus to be shared without arising any hygiene issues.

xenzag, Dec 02 2019


       Would this also work for those who are wet behind the ears ?
8th of 7, Dec 02 2019

       I'm sure it could be used in all sorts of confined spaces.
xenzag, Dec 02 2019

       We await your demonstration with baited breath...
RayfordSteele, Dec 04 2019


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