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Pop-rivet pen

A glove-boxable pop-riveter
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Pop rivets are great. Get you out of all sorts of sheet- metal or automotive trim crises.

But I rarely carry around a drill, pop-riveter and a bag of rivets. .

So this thing, it looks like a couple of 4-color keener pens, hinged together at one end. Packed up, they are folded like a jack-knife. In use, they unfold and lock at a right angle. One side has a push drill (a drill chuck on a spiral shaft, that turns when pushed on). The other side has a pop-rivet chuck that pulls the rivet slowly when the handle is turned. Somewhere in there, too , is a spot to stash a few rivets.

afinehowdoyoudo, Jun 05 2009

Shapeways http://www.shapeways.com/materials/
don't hold your breath [afinehowdoyoudo, Dec 10 2009]


       since the bit needn't be very long why not simply have a push drill with a stubby bit and a stubby little threaded driver? all the driver needs to be is a threaded anvil and a small folding arm to allow the user to apply torque.
WcW, Jun 05 2009

       [WcW].. thanks.. Stubby bit is good.. Not sure I understand the part about the threaded anvil/threaded driver..
afinehowdoyoudo, Jun 06 2009

       well you need to pull the anvil into the driver with twisting force but until the anvil is tight there's nothing to torque against thus the tiny handle to hold in your other hand. might be less of an issue with pop rivets.
WcW, Jun 06 2009

       Decent sized pop rivets require quite a lot of leverage.... could be a problem to use if the shafts are too short. Can they be telescopic?
xenzag, Jun 06 2009

       just use the extra leverage of the drill to pull it slowly, really really hard.
WcW, Jun 06 2009

       Perhaps instead of using muscle strength, the gadget could be designed to work like a powder actuated nail gun?   

       To avoid needing to carry around a hammer to hit the thing with, it could set off the powder by means of a spring and a small internal hammer, similar to an automatic center punch.   

       Thus, when you need to make a hole, you pull out the powder powered hole punch, load in a .22 caliber charge, then push the point of the device against the surface to be pierced. When pushed in far enough, the spring propels the hammer to strike the charge, which causes the point to make a hole in whatever it's pushed against.   

       The riveting tool could be activated similarly, except that the powder charge is used for pulling instead of pushing.
goldbb, Dec 09 2009

       Hurry up with this. I want one for christmas.
outloud, Dec 10 2009

       How about making the tip of the pop-rivet itself function as a drill? One tool rotates the rivet to drill a hole for it, then pulls on the shaft to detach. The sharp tip would be retracted by the act of pulling, to cover the sharp bit.
csea, Dec 10 2009

       hmm.. I had in mind to use standard rivets.. don't know of any drill-tipped ones. But still, that's a cool idea. Likewise on the explosive-tip rivets - especially handy for the McGyvers & 007's in our midst.   

       As for the hurrying up.. you'll be calling me Trusty Slipnot when I post the CAD data on Shapeways for you-all to print out in stainless steel (for a mere $10 per cc).. lol
afinehowdoyoudo, Dec 10 2009


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