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Phoenix Building

Each generation tears down the previous structure built 100 years ago and rebuilds it with their own design.
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The building would be constructed of re-usable, even somewhat modular parts, similar to a lego set in some respects. These parts would allow any style of building to be constructed (and de-constructed) fairly easily to construct any style of building, from gothic cathedral to mid century modern and everwhere in between.

On the turn of each century, the citizens would pay tribute to the goings on of this public building over the last century, then begin the ceremonial de-construction and re- construction of the new generation's vision.

Far from being disrespectful to the previous builders, tribute would be paid to their great work through the joy of competition.

Can we match, even surpass the beautiful architectural creation of the previous generation? Also, it would be expensive so the message would be: "Previous generations had a sound enough economy to be able to spend money on a fun project like this. Do we still have disposable income like they did or are we spending all our money on national debt, or frivolous wars?"

The idea of doing something beautiful that will only be here for a limited time might have some kind of philosophical import as well. I'm not a fancy lad so that's beyond my scope of thought, but people might get something from that.

For emphasis, 95% of the building would be re-used so the main expense would be manpower.

doctorremulac3, Apr 18 2019


       Just want to add, this has nothing to do with and is no way a commentary on the horrible, horrible fire that damaged an incredibly beautiful and historical landmark in Paris. That's a tragedy, period, but it got me to thinking about how rebuilding something from the past could potentially be a positive thing.
doctorremulac3, Apr 18 2019

       The ability to cleanly deconstruct, saving as many usable components, sounds a very sane and forward thinking idea. Even if it is not helpful for short term financial gain.
wjt, Apr 19 2019

       those pyramids need a more modern look.
po, Apr 19 2019

       Dear Doctor, I think that you are right about repurposing. However, I'm not clear on how reusing the elements used the first time, over and over again each century, would sustain the structure in a mighty wind or earthquake, or even strong tremors.   

       Time would have taken it's toll on the ability the building has to withstand extremes. And it looks like extremes might just be what we are going to be dealing with, weatherwise, in the future.   

       So in a nutshell, are you prescribing disposable buildings, knowingly built not to withstand time, but with full knowledge that they will crumble?
blissmiss, Apr 19 2019

       The modular elements would be designed to last thousands of years and to stand up to repeated assembly and disassembly.   

       That being said, if a building design collapsed on one generation's watch there would be great shame cast upon that generation. Presumably sound structural engineering will be carefully considered with each new design.   

       Hmm. Thought this idea would be more popular.   

       Ehh, too soon aftere the Notre Dame thing. I can see that.
doctorremulac3, Apr 19 2019

       You could do the same thing with ideas. For example after 100 hours this idea could be disassembled by its readers, and the letters and spaces re-assembled into a new idea better suited to the more enlightened times of 100 hours hence.
pocmloc, Apr 19 2019

       I ran the cut and pasted text of the idea through a "Paraphrasing tool" that changes words but not the meaning. Here's the computer re-written idea:
doctorremulac3, Apr 19 2019

       The structure would be built of re-usable, even fairly secluded parts, like a lego set in certain regards. These parts would enable any style of structure to be built (and de-developed) reasonably effectively to develop any style of structure, from gothic house of prayer to mid century present day and everwhere in the middle.   

       On the turn of every century, the residents would pay tribute to the goings on of this open structure in the course of the only remaining century, at that point start the formal de-development and re- development of the new age's vision.   

       A long way from being ill bred to the past developers, tribute would be paid to their incredible work through the delight of rivalry.   

       Would we be able to coordinate, even outperform the lovely building making of the past age? Likewise, it would be costly so the message would be: "Past ages had a sound enough economy to have the capacity to burn through cash on a fun undertaking this way. Do despite everything we have extra cash as they did or would we say we are burning through the entirety of our cash on national obligation, or paltry wars?"   

       Doing something lovely that may be here temporarily may have some sort of philosophical import too. I'm not an extravagant fellow so that is past my extent of thought, however individuals may get something from that.   

       For accentuation, 95% of the structure would be re-utilized so the principle cost would be labor.
doctorremulac3, Apr 19 2019

       OK, same problem as language translation programs. Gibberish.
doctorremulac3, Apr 19 2019


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