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public dance right of way

robots slice railroad ties to make hardwood dancefloor corridors
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there's a dancefloor stretching from coast to coast

have those railroad tie placing robots slice the ties then create a continuous wood dancefloor

beanangel, Mar 11 2008

not a robot link, Machines are available to do all the necessary track maintenance tasks: removing and inserting ties, tamping the ballast, cleaning the ballast, excavation and replacement of worn ballast, spiking rail, tightening bolts, and aligning the track. Some machines are equipped to perform more than one task http://www.britanni...icle-64411/railroad
[beanangel, Mar 11 2008]

Riverdance http://www.youtube....watch?v=FLxTuBtQ7ak
[Amos Kito, Mar 11 2008]

Clog Dance http://www.reviewjo...006/photos/1bar.jpg
The PDROY robot road would be handy for spontaneous clogging where a bar top is not available. [Amos Kito, Mar 11 2008]

Conga Line http://www.hingham1...%20Conga%20Line.jpg
[Amos Kito, Mar 11 2008]

Creosote is bad for you. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creosote
I guess it is safe for women. [ericscottf, Mar 11 2008]

anyone remember the Bunny Hop? http://content.answ...180px-Bunny_hop.gif
[xandram, Mar 12 2008]

Waltz Across Texas http://www.youtube....hUM&feature=related
Ernest Tubb, Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels & Charlie McCoy [baconbrain, Mar 14 2012]


       [pass me that joint, would you?]
DrCurry, Mar 11 2008

       he miter do that
normzone, Mar 11 2008

       Railroad tie placing robots deserves a link. And clearly, the correct use for this resource is a coast to coast roller disco, not dance floor.
GutPunchLullabies, Mar 11 2008

       [GPL], it would work if it's Riverdance [Link]. Or clog dancing [Other Link]. Since neither dance is a form of intercontinental transport, I agree that the road could become a coast to coast roller disco.   

       However, the conga line, being both travel and dance, fits the idea better.
Amos Kito, Mar 11 2008

       Creosote, present in most railroad ties to keep them bug free and resist weather, is not good for living things.   

       Wikipedia says "scrotal cancer", [linky] but i tend not to believe wiki specifics that involve funny words.   

       Were we short on dance floors? Or methods of making them?
ericscottf, Mar 11 2008

       Since [beanangel]-bashing is the current vogue, I thought I'd peruse his catalogue to see if there were any that I really liked. I've discovered, amongst other things, that he doesn't seem to know that only the ^60Co Cobalt isotope is harmful to humans and that he has a profound misunderstanding both the purpose and operation of military forces past and present.   

       'Nose Propeller' wasn't bad. A handful of others seemed feasable to a given degree of sanity, and most were worth harf a larf. A few were downright offensive, even to my relatively lax morals.   

       This one, however, struck my fancy: it brought to me a sudden vision of an unbroken band of enthusiastic Morris dancers blocking traffic and terrorizing the populace from Baltimore to San Francisco, and me here in my cozy mountain home in Maine, several hundred miles out of earshot. Bun, with bells on.
Alterother, Mar 14 2012

       is this some kind of public service [alterother]?
po, Mar 14 2012

       [+] having occasionally been stuck in pedestrian gridlock, I would welcome a hardwood "dance only" lane.
FlyingToaster, Mar 14 2012

       I've bicycled across some parts of this country on former railroad routes, and would prefer hardwood for cycling.   

       The thought of a cross-country dance has a wild beauty.   

       Slicing ties into slabs is very creative.   

       Waltz across Texas with this croissant. [+]
baconbrain, Mar 14 2012

       // is this some kind of public service [alterother]? //   

       No, it's exactly what I said it was. With so much of [beany]'s prodigious outflow being barely-comprehensible shite, I decided to see if there were any gems hidden in the muck. Turns out there are a fair number, perhaps more than I expected to find.   

       When I began my journey, I had no intention of publicizing it, but then I just had to share my deliciously horrific vision with the rest of the 'Bakery.
Alterother, Mar 14 2012


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