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Spin chair

Stops thieves
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When the car door is locked, the spin chair turns 180 degrees and locks in place. If the car is stolen, it makes it extremely difficult to drive, and is easily noticeable if it is managed.
The spin chair can only be turned back to it's original position when it is unlocked with the car key.
fridge duck, Aug 01 2005


       Must be an awfully small chair seat or an unusually spacious car cabin if there's extra room to completely turn around. Would thieves have any more difficulty thwarting the seat's locking mechanism than they currently do thwarting the steering wheel lock when the car key is not present? I do like the general idea, though.
jurist, Aug 01 2005

       wouldnt it be easyer to have the the seat back lean foreward and lock in that position.
ferox, Aug 01 2005

       Yes but we've already done that one. Just check out "Fold-over-wheel car seat " in this category. When I saw the idea and category, I was hoping that once someone attempted to steal the car, the seat would begin to spin uncontrollably.   

       [Jurist], all we need to do is make squarer seats.
hidden truths, Aug 01 2005

       Just make sure the safety wouldn't activate due to computer error or power surge ... like an exploding dye pack that fires when the pack is brushed by a live wire accidentally.
reensure, Aug 01 2005

       How bout it just keeps spinning and makes the theives throw up?
DesertFox, Aug 01 2005


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