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Phone Keyboard Standard

Can take actual keyboard input
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With the many call centers that I have to call about bills, credit cards and warantees, It gets difficult with the voice automation and the sometimes lousy voice recognition that I have to put up with. Sure, the numbers on the phone also come with letters but could a phone and phone standard be designed to actually take USB keyboard input? Picture this: A phone with a USB port and a small screen. The phone is able to take the keyboard input and translate it into tones or conbinations of tones, similar to how number tones work. A standard is set for these new tones and the computers at call centers will be able to easily interpret these tones, so the operator doesn't have to say, "oh, wha--- can you spell that out for me please". (This sucks worse for me when you have to spell out Kamehameha, Hauula, or Kaaawa). This can also be a simple way to chat with people with just a landline, but the major advantage would come with the alphabet- tone standard being implemented and recognized by those who would use it most: call centers.
twitch, Dec 20 2006

Amstrad Phone http://www.amstrad....ts/emailers/e3.html
good idea - just like this one [xenzag, Dec 20 2006]




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