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Phone ring frequency adjuster

Change frequency of phone ring tone
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As age has taken it's toll on my hearing, I don't hear the phone ringing unless I'm right next to it. This is primarily because the frequency of the ringers is right in the middle of the range I don't hear well. My hearing otherwise is not affected enough to warrant the $$$ for an aid. I think a control on the phones, to not only adjust volume, but change frequency of the ring would resolve my problem, and perhaps many others. My house alarm has this feature and by adjusting frequency into a range I can and do hear, allows me to have a few seconds warning before the burglar bashes my head and robs me.
doctorbill, Oct 17 2006


       Sounds like a good idea to me. A more half-baked solution might be to put the phone on some sort of turntable or conveyor belt moving fast enough that the Doppler effect alters the perceived frequency you hear it ringing at, making it easier to hear (but harder to pick up!).
imaginality, Oct 17 2006

       Doppler effect might work ok, but the cord (on non-cordless phone) would probably get tangled and eventually pulled out of wall. I guess I could put a rotating connector on the cords though. However if it was on a conveyor belt, it might be to far away for me to run to catch it.
doctorbill, Oct 17 2006


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