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phone indicator

Key conversation indicator
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I'm so tired of sitting with my neck crecked to the side while listening to someone going on and on about nothing. Some conversations (parents, bosses, sales people, etc.) people just can't hang up on, or yell during and some people don't want to be insulting by saying "Shut up, I don't care!!!" However, the information in the phone call may not all be necessary. Long winded people are typically predictable and have indications of when they are through or ready for you to respond. So if there was an attachment to plug into the headphone plug with a light that would go on or blink (consumer's choice) at those points. Preferably routing back through the phone, so to act as only an indicator, to allow typical use of the phone. You could program for different indications like a silent pause for over a amount of certain seconds, or a "So, ", or anything of your choice. A possible option to program the signal during a conversation, although you would have to actually listen to them, but hopefully only once.
Lalala, May 05 2007


       Lalala. Welcome to Halfbakery. I hope you have read the initial 'help' screen. After reading your idea, I'm needing 'help' just to figure out what you mean. You may know that much of the commentary/annotations are tongue-in-cheek. But to have fun with your idea we need to get a grip on what 'it' is. For example, can you amplify " So if there was a light that would go on or blink at those points." Also, can you clarify if the hypothetical 'you' and they hypothetical 'someone' that you mention are in the same room? Are you in the same telephone conversation? Is your idea an alternative to clearing your throat or whacking the phone on a cabinet and saying, "what you said was so startling that I dropped the phone?"
pathetic, May 05 2007

       Bless you, [IT].
m_Al_com, May 06 2007

       While I like the creativity, I don't like the direction this product would help any value we have for true social interaction go through the basement.   

       I think it's better for one to just own up and make a choice - If you want the free time, you tell them you have to go (be it the truth or otherwise)and if it doesn't bother you enough then you are in for the long haul.   

       I've gotten out of longwinded conversations when the other party realized I wasn't listening. Heh.   

       Welcome to the sandbox for young and old children alike.
Night, May 06 2007

       Very strange idea... What's the poit? For people who can't just say "NO"
mobdir, May 06 2007

       for me something like this would be useful for the times when I've been put on hold. I would like to be free to do something else until the other person (operator? receptionist?) is free to talk back to me.   

       recently my auto dealer has started playing their commercial jingle while Im on hold ugh I hate that.
Isayhello2u, May 06 2007

       Pathetic- you are right, i was too vague in my description. I tried to clarify some areas. I haven't thought of dropping the phone I'll have to try that, though the conversation will probably just pick back up.   

       Night- I was thinking mostly for the conversations that we feel obligated to make however find ourselves distracted or occupied physically but able to talk, well "listen". It is a rude object but I feel it would be more rude not to call or answer every time.
Lalala, May 06 2007


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