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Phone E-mail Checker

Check E-mail from any phone, anywhere
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Say youre at the office and wondering if you got that important E-mail to your home computer, just call your house, type in a special code, and a box that is hooked up to your computer will turn the computer on, hang up and then connect to the internet, check the E-mail, and will call you back and read back (in what probably would be an admittedly electronic voice) your E-mail to you. Key word here: E-mail. Like a young Dennis "Mr.Robinson" Hoffman was once told about plastics: "its the future".
corporatedipshit, Mar 13 2004

E-Mail Via Phone (TM) http://www.4develop...unner/evp/index.htm
"bakesperson comma percent underscore ninetyfivepercent off for all-vee open parenthesis close eye close parenthesis at-sign gee ar at-sign ciali star ess dot quote ...." [jutta, Oct 04 2004, last modified Apr 23 2006]


       via MSN messenger, you can get a SMS to indicate when you've got an email.   

       Further, many email services can be accessed via wap so, in effect, your mobile phone will do all that you wish without and additional technology.
jonthegeologist, Mar 13 2004

       //Dennis ... Hoffman// ??
zigness, Mar 13 2004

       dustin, mrs. robinson, imdb: the graduate
swamilad, Mar 13 2004


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