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Magic Slate replaces White Board

"Magic Slate" replaces typical white board and needs no markers.
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Use the "Magic slate" technology used in toys, to replace traditional marker white boards for office meetings. Could be the type with pink vinyl that you peel up to erase or the old original style magic slate with the milky plastic sheet. Could even be a giant "magna Doodle" surface. No need for markers. Cost effective low tec and fun. No colors is the big down side. No marker fumes is a plus for most people.
hugh jabrain, Sep 18 2003

bubble gum tech toys http://www.junglegum.com/Joy/techno.html
[mr2560, Oct 04 2004]


       //No marker fumes a plus//   

       Don't you mean 'other down side'?
jivetalkinrobot, Sep 18 2003

       Some gum factory sells their gum in toy electronics... bubble beeper... bubble phone... bubble gameboy, etc. I bought a "bubble organizer" (and threw away the gum) because it had the stylus and the magic slate gimmick for an LCD screen, which I find amusing AND a little bit useful !
mr2560, Sep 19 2003


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