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Non-reflecting whiteboard

A cheap solution to a common problem
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I know whiteboards have gone all high-tech but they cost $00s so a piece of surplus one-side gloss-board is often used where funds are hard to get. But dazzle is a problem where there is only one bright light. Kill it by using thin flexing board and putting a convex curve in it side to side. Do this by tacking it to upper and lower curved cross-struts cut from 3in.x1in. with a jig-saw. This idea works! It's only half-baked in the sense that it aint gonna make you even a half a dollar in ill-gotten gains.
rayfo, Aug 13 2000


       To [rayfo]: Ah, but it can be profitable -- it's all in the marketing.   

       Convince a whiteboard company with this idea. They could sell a prepackaged version of what you described, and sell the benefits -- "No more glare. Put these in the rooms where you want to make a difference -- in your customer conference rooms." You're selling to a higher level of management, and thus can get away with a higher price.   

       Or perhaps try selling it to a construction company, as they put our permanent whiteboards in the new building.   

       Thing 1
Thing 1, Aug 13 2000

       Curved whiteboards (and curved walls in general) seem to be all the rage in trendy, fast-spending startup companies...
egnor, Aug 15 2000


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