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Pre-Aging Printer/Copier Setting

Print a document that's already "aged"
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I have some printed instruction sheets at work that I can recognize easily within a folder, since they are noticeably aged. There's something familiar and comforting about the slightly yellowed, been-in-existence-a-long-time sheet of instructions that reminds me of how often I've needed and profited from them.

Over time, these sheets accumulate hand-written notes on them, but as much as I'd like to edit the document on the computer and reprint it, I know the reprint won't have that cozy loyalty of the old version. It'll start out all new and shiny and easily loseable in a sea of corporate handouts and data. Colored paper seems too pompous for such an earthy cause.

But a "Pre-Age" setting on the copier might help.

This is a setting similar to "darkness", that, if selected, feeds the white paper, after printing, into a dust chamber and then a crinkling module, imparting synthetic thumb dents and guaranteeing that all glare is removed from the paper. The output comes out looking well worn and dependable, just like the original.

phundug, Sep 05 2006


       + I like it, but you can *age* paper by using tea bags and paper towels or holding it over a candle (not too long) for a burnt effect.
xandram, Sep 05 2006

       "can I have a dozen copies of this, say, err, 2 years ago please" (+).
neilp, Sep 05 2006

       "What's happened to your face ? -you look ancient all of a sudden"   

       "I got it caught in that bloody pre-aging photocopier"   

       "Never mind. Stick this croissant in your gub, and quit yer gurnin"
xenzag, Sep 05 2006

       Actually, I guess another idea is to leave some blank paper around your office for months and use that in the printer when needed.
phundug, Sep 05 2006

       "And phundug, you say this is George Washington's first draft of the Constitution? Well, the paper looks authentic..."
DrCurry, Sep 05 2006

       Murderous document forger Mark Hacking used chlorine bleach to artificially age his documents.
bjl8, Sep 05 2006

       Oh, you didn't get that report? I sent it to you last mon...Oh, here it is. You must have lost it under your desk.
sartep, Sep 06 2006


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