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Physical Internet Down Indicator

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It is a wall mounted device in a workplace that upon detection of loss of connectivity to the internet, activates "rotating lights", and sounds an alert, siren, klaxon, etc...

Could also announce "THE INTERNET IS DOWN! TIME TO PANIC!"

The device also incidentally has a big red button that can be used to initiate a reset cycle for the modem.

mofosyne, May 07 2014

The IT Crowd - Series 3 - Episode 4: The Internet https://www.youtube...watch?v=iDbyYGrswtg
Meet the internet. Apparently its a box. [mofosyne, May 07 2014]

What happens when the internet goes down - IT Crowd https://www.youtube...v=UTBsm0LzSP0#t=140
[mofosyne, May 07 2014]

Strong Bad Sings: The System Is Down https://www.youtube...?v=JwZwkk7q25I#t=41
Appropriate "The Internet Is Down" music [sninctown, May 07 2014]


       It shoud have a polished mahogany case wth brass fittings and rosewood inlay, a large Watts governor on top, a brass bell or gong, and a sign that says "The .End Is Nigh" that rises behind a bevelled glass panel, like an old fashioned cash till.   

       At night, a clockwork mechanism ignites a tiny acetylene flame to illuminate ther case.   

       Router reset initiated by a big "We-belong-dead" dual pole knife switch, with a brown Bakelite handle.   

       Comes complete with a brass oilcan, a tin of carbide, and an order form for Rentisham's Flenting Wax.
8th of 7, May 07 2014

       Doesn't your router have a light that is either on or off indicating if your internet is out or not?
xandram, May 07 2014

       Of course when the connection goes down, you are all cut off from me, I don't how you can bear it.
not_morrison_rm, May 07 2014

       The drugs help a lot ...
8th of 7, May 07 2014

       mine or yours?
not_morrison_rm, May 07 2014

       We assume you're on some sort of major neuroleptic anyway, probably administered by force. And when you go away, we can contemplate ceasing to consume the blend of sedatives, tranquilizers, and anti-depressants that alone make communication with you almost tolerable.
8th of 7, May 07 2014

       Ohh..you say the sweetest things :-)   

       //blend of sedatives, tranquilizers, and anti-depressants   

not_morrison_rm, May 07 2014

       I've been toying with the idea of building one of these. Also included is a switch to turn off the internet when annoyed with the kids. And perhaps a row of timers with an old fashioned knobs that anyone can understand and use. No more setting up "policies" and "MAC address filters" and "IP addresses" that I'm pretty sure nobody except engineers and IT professionals understand. Been thinking about this for years to help my technology challenged neighbors who pester me constantly to set up their routers.   

       Clarification: the knobs are like egg timers; one per computer or device. Up to maybe eight hours each.
terryo, May 11 2014


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