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Right click Reword

Think someone's waffling on a bit
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Right click some text and select 're-word'. Your responsibility is to re-word exactly what the author was trying to say.

People can see re-worded sections by clicking on a piece of text and then a panel slides out showing re-worded versions of what people have said.

chronological, Mar 04 2020


       //re-word exactly what the author was trying to say.//   

       <right click>   

       <types>ridicule [chron...ic..] for their naivety
pocmloc, Mar 04 2020

       This should support macros, like <RightClick>-<F1> adds the postfix superscript "LIE", <F2> adds "DECEPTIVE EDITED TRUTH", <F3> adds "CAREFULLY CRAFTED DISTORTION" ...   

       Ideal for annotating political manifestos, speeches, newspaper stories ...   

8th of 7, Mar 04 2020

       Haha. You think you're funny, but you're not.   

       That's something of a bone of contention at the moment. Not only did [MB] take our crayon, he took our favouritest crayon and bestest friend, Montgomery. The nurses can't find him, and we fear he may have been eaten...
8th of 7, Mar 04 2020

       You could be the proud owner of the first ever Crayola Luwak.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 04 2020

       This is multi-user editing and is not a new concept.
tatterdemalion, Mar 04 2020

       Contemplating a single sentence can provide understanding of all the mysteries of the Universe, or so some sages say.   

       Sometimes what someone means to say is different from what they are thinking.
sninctown, Mar 04 2020

       You only have two layers there; there are several more.   

       What they think they are thinking;
What they are actually thinking;
What they mean to say;
What they actually say;
What the audience hears;
What the audience think they have heard;
What the audience want to have heard;

       Disturbingly, this is very similar to the OSI seven-layer model.   

       // first ever Crayola Luwak //   

       WAAAAAAAAAH ! <Throws toys out of play-pen/>
8th of 7, Mar 04 2020

       Before 2000 I heard about and maybe tried (not sure) software that might have been called "third voice" that let you put comments atop any website, so if you wanted to say "google's font choice needs improving" on the front page of google you could and other thirdvoice users would see it. Right click is different though.
beanangel, Mar 04 2020

       Why was I fishboned?
chronological, Mar 05 2020

       Probably because of what [tatterdemalion] said.   

       (Not my fish, by the way.)
pertinax, Mar 05 2020

       I fishboned because the voices in my head baked this idea a long time ago.
sninctown, Mar 05 2020

       Are you schizophrenic too? Do you hear voices for real?
chronological, Mar 05 2020

       Do you have an internal voice? Can you hear your own thoughts?   

       // too // perhaps needs to be reworded in this case, for clarity.
sninctown, Mar 05 2020

       I am diagnosed with schizophrenia.
chronological, Mar 05 2020

       Thank you for sharing that, [chronological].   

       I'm curious because, as you probably know, the diagnosis of schizophrenia (in common with other psychiatric diagnoses) has been subject to a certain amount of definitional "drift" over the years. So, I'm curious about how you actually experience what your diagnosis calls schizophrenia. Of course, you may prefer not to discuss it here (or, indeed, at all), which is fine.
pertinax, Mar 05 2020

       I don't like the term "right-click" - I use the mouse in my left hand (because I'm right-handed and so the left hand is the most sensible hand to use for a crude motor activity such as mouse movement and clicking, thus freeing up my right hand for clever stuff like typing), so I have reversed button settings and the mouse's context-menu button is the leftmost button.
hippo, Mar 05 2020

       // Why was I fishboned? // One of the many Halfbakery psychological markers.
wjt, Mar 06 2020

       This could maaayybe be novel as a tweak to the implementation of a wiki. In the case of wikipedia, there is multi-user editing, but only one version of the wording - the latest - is visible to the user. The revert wars and tweaks are piled in behind and there is a degree of familiarity with the system required to make sense of the history. The idea here, then, could be to (a) allow edits by clicking on the right (sorry hippo - I meant, of course, left) mouse button and (b) to make those edits visible also by right (yikes, left) clicking. The innovation is in the presentation.   

       This could also (or instead) work in the context of track changes in MS Word. Rather than ending up with a multi- coloured spiders web, the reader can select a clause (present, wiki style, in the most recent revision) and click to read the one (or more) behind that. That may make it easier to follow the history of changes to a clause.
calum, Mar 06 2020

       You were fishboned by halfbakers who decided they understand your idea after reading only half of it. You are a genius! +
pashute, Mar 06 2020

       Now, there speaks the voice of (bitter) experience ...   

       Could this be re-crafted into "Right-click Reward" ?
8th of 7, Mar 06 2020

       If the AIs can compute more data than our own brains, right clicking may either boost an ego or totally confuse.
wjt, Mar 07 2020


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