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Request spreadsheet

Synthesise web responses with spreadsheets
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A special spreadsheet application implements web response handling by integrating with a proprietary web server module.

It synchronises request parameters into specific cells B3-B15. And preparses the URL into fields and parameters in B5-B20.

I type SQL into a cell in the first Worksheet.

You construct a web response by using functional programming: map - apply a function to list of things getting a list of things back reduce - apply a function repeatedly to a list, reusing the same iteration object

In worksheet 2 (tab 2) you assign fields to the response.

A1= load_template("template.html")

A1 fills the screen and contains HTML on one side of the screen

I find a block of HTML I want to iterate over and select it and type into the formula block =iterate

Somewhere after A1 I type =map(SQL cell, Worksheet3) and I can map the SQL into a response HTML.

chronological, Mar 12 2020


       I like APIs, spreadsheets and luxury apartments for all. Do you have a problem with that sir?
chronological, Mar 12 2020

       My best idea is lifestyle subscriptions. And Auto API Import.   

       And the links to my 205 tech ideas in my profile. Check them out, you'd have to be a developer to understand some of them though.   

       Spreadsheets are underused technology. They are awesome and functional programming!
chronological, Mar 12 2020

       Parsing your idea I can see you're talking about spreadsheet-driven website. I think, Google spreadsheets already have forms, you just want to tear a few levels of abstraction down, to the level where you define how spreadsheet makes http responses, by defining that directly on the spreadsheet.   

       What an awkward way to get an accountant to make websites. Though, you could say it's already baked, as pretty much every website works based on a database, which if relational, is based on a bunch of tables, for which you need just a spreadsheet UI, and a master sheet holding schemas.
Mindey, Mar 13 2020

       Named ranges might be your friends.
pertinax, Mar 13 2020

       I want the GUI of a speadsheet to be used to develop backends. Functional programming and SQL type cells would make mapping database responses easier. I think it would be beautiful.
chronological, Mar 13 2020

       That's been done.   

       The back end in question was not to a collection of web services, but to a BI tool, but the development environment was an Excel workbook, which was then compiled into something else.   

       I worked with it for a while, and was quite glad to stop working with it.
pertinax, Mar 13 2020


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