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Turn any surface into a full-size piano
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This device is comprised of:

1) Gloves with switches on the fingertips that have the same feel as a piano key

2) Low-cost ultrasonic tracker with two receivers (attached to each glove)

3) A main sound unit composed of a speaker with built-in amp and synthesizer & necessary electronics

4) Full-size cardboard printout of piano keys

The transmitter of the ultrasonic tracker is placed at the indicated location to the left of the "keys" The signals from the gloves are transmitted to the main sound unit. The main sound unit uses the distance of each hand from the transmitter and which fingers are being "pressed" to figure out which "key" has been pressed and how strongly. The sound is produced by the main unit. (This is essentially a compact organ with an alternate input device).


The gloves could have optical sensors to figure out which "key" they are on.

Multiple keypads could be created.

Keypads could be placed in weird locations for multimedia/performing arts kind of shows.

cowtamer, Mar 28 2007

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[Dub, Mar 29 2007]

Video of above http://www.techeblo...piano-demonstration
(It's a hacked version of the QWERTY Kbd below) [Dub, Mar 29 2007]

Virtual QWERTY Kbd http://www.virtual-laser-keyboard.com/
[Dub, Mar 29 2007]


       Even better idea...have a camera that watches the keys. But this would make it slightly more complicated to use (positioning, light, etc.)
cowtamer, Mar 28 2007

       Piano hat headphones required.
nuclear hobo, Mar 28 2007

       As well as piano pedal slippers. I like it. [+]
placid_turmoil, Mar 28 2007

Dub, Mar 29 2007

       Could you have three keys in each fingertip, with only the middle one being active? Much of the joy of piano playing (for me at least) is feeling the relationship between the key and it's neighbour as I press it. (+)
Fishrat, Mar 29 2007


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