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Rainbow Ivories

Coloured Piano Keys
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Red, Orange, Orange Yellow, Green Blue, Blue Indigo, Indigo Violet, Violet (The C scale I guess)

A funny looking way to help people learing piano to jump between octaves until the zen of sound and hands takes over.

Zimmy, Jan 27 2005

(?) Coloured-music Synaethesia http://www.sdc.org....s/feature_music.htm
Virtually bakes by miswiring in some people's brains... [prufrax, Jan 27 2005]


       For children this is baked.   

       I grew up with a grand piano in our living room, and the color of the bust of Chopin, that sat glaring down at our fingers, while you stumbled through simple exercises, was ivory. The color of the keys, and the color of the statue, matched exactly.   

       Before you ever got to play, you had to ask, listen, and know, who he was, and why, the 6 inch statue was too heavy to lift.   

       No two items have ever matched, motivated, or moved me as much.   

       I know this has been not welcomed before, but my theory is, don't make things easier.
blissmiss, Jan 27 2005

       Bliss, We only had a yellowish white plastic Beethoven. Why was Chopin's likeness too heavy to lift? (The memory you shared seems quite poetic. I really appreciated reading it).
Zimmy, Jan 27 2005

       Zim-we would have to call my 80 year old mother and ask her why it was so heavy.   

       She told me it was made from pure ivory. Who am I to question a woman that raised 6 twits, by herself, that could rarely feed us anything more than hot dogs, eggs, and burgers.   

       But each year, by the time we went to grade school, we knew the basics of 3 or 4 instruments.   

       At the time my brother died, at an early age, he was able to play 21 instruments, profienctly.   

       Chopin is still waiting to be lifted, by a player. (bris)   

       And thank you Zimmy for kindness, that has been silent around here, for weeks.
blissmiss, Jan 27 2005

       Hug and kiss, bliss.
FarmerJohn, Jan 27 2005

       I'd like the keys themselves to be transparent, but for there to be a row of lights behind (or under!) each key. That way, you could set your piano to "F-sharp minor" and all the F#'s, C#'s, and G#'s would turn green indicating those are the sharps you would need. The F, C, and G keys, rarely used in F-sharp minor, would then turn red indicating these are the notes to avoid.
phundug, Jan 27 2005

       [phundug] - great, this would have been helpful and sadly still would be (F sharp minor - ugh).   

       [bliss] - you've been fairly silent around here too, maybe there's a connection. You've been missed. (And your absence has been noted in the register)
wagster, Jan 27 2005

       Winter time blahs. Every year. Same time, every year. (S.A.D.)?
blissmiss, Jan 27 2005

       [prufrax] miswiring or failure to assimilate the expected response to stimuli?   

       Thank you much for a very interesting link!
Zimmy, Feb 15 2005


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