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Pickled Fruitcake

Bite-sized fruitcake snacks on the convenience store counter
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Just in time for the holiday season. A new snack food that is both tasty and lasts a long time. Great for when you're in a hurry at your local convenience store and just need that quick in-between snack to tie you over till dinner...next year.
Huge, Dec 10 2002

Deep fried fruitcake. http://www.kaniamania.com/html/1037.html
[egbert, Oct 04 2004]

World Famous Pickled Egg Home Page http://www.geophysi...s/lemaux/peggs.html
[Huge, Oct 04 2004]

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       A reeeallly good fruitcake is already pickled in alcohol anyway.   

       Was going to say "I'm surprised no-one in the UK has thought of deep frying fruitcake." and then thought I'd go Gooogle to make sure. One result. See link.
egbert, Dec 10 2002

       [UB] Just because it doesn't need to be pickled doesn't mean it shouldn't. I say, pickle first ask questions later +. I tend to apply this rule even to myself.
nichpo, Sep 26 2003

po, Sep 26 2003

       "Tide you over," not "tie you over."   

       Carry on; fascinating discussion.
snarfyguy, Sep 26 2003


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