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A roomba style robot that picks up around the house.
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A small simple robot that roams around the house and picks stuff up. Has an arm and hand for picking things up, and a bin for carrying them around.

Works like this. Items that are likely to need tidying (tools, toys, glasses, car keys) all are marked with rfid. When the PUB finds an item in its roamings that is tagged, it compares it to an internal database which tells it where that item goes. It then puts that item into its portable bin. Then continues on its way. When it passes near a designated drop off point (Tool bin, toy box, laundry hamper, key basket, etc) it takes all the items out of its portable bin and drops them in the proper place. Then returns to its pattern.

If the portable bin is getting heavy, or battery power is getting low, or it has completed its patrol, it makes one more pass by each drop off point and deposits what belongs there.

Advanced versions can be programmed so that an item is only considered misplaced if it has sat in one spot for more than a set period of time. (Example: Tagged boxer shorts on the couch. Ignore for up to six hours, at which point it can be assumed that they are empty and can be put in the laundry. (Twelve hours for xbox owners)).

When a new item is brought into the house, the owners can tell PUB where it goes by holding it near the correct bin and clicking a button on the remote control.


Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 02 2007


evilpenguin, Oct 02 2007

       <is that half-empty beer warm?>   

       <is that half-empty beer cold?>
normzone, Oct 02 2007

       Obligatory WIFRT - I thought it said "PickupBra" and that brings a very different perspective to this idea.
Canuck, Oct 02 2007

       <Obligatory WITTW>An automated robot that vacuums you truck</Obligatory WITTW>
<Obligatory WITTW>A drinking establishment for meeting single women</Obligatory WITTW>
<Obligatory WITTW>Handles for sheep</Obligatory WITTW>
marklar, Oct 03 2007

       It would take a while to program it and it's exceptions.If only If only.....
punk_punker, Oct 03 2007

       Program by the developer? Or by the user? For the user it is really easy. Whenever you are straightening up you keep the remote in your off hand. Pick up an object, carry it to the basket where it belongs. Click remote. Drop item in. Repeat. There should probably be an option to load up the basket, then click a "Everything here belongs here" button. From then on when the PuB finds that item out of place it takes it back to the bin. You know, the activity that parents of todders spend a couple of hours a day doing.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 03 2007

       Neither WIFRT nor WITTW show in the help file. Explain? Otherwise, I bun this idea.
awesomest, Oct 03 2007

       WIFRT = "When I first read this..."   

       WITTW = "What I thought this was..."
phundug, Oct 03 2007

       Now I'm a little sorry I didn't say my first impression would have put a different spin on the idea.
Canuck, Oct 03 2007


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