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RFID stickers for the monkey

Hey, monkey where did I put that?
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Put RFID tag with antenna on precut pieces of Scotch tape. If you have an item that you have to store somewhere but want to be sure that you can find it again just put on a piece of tape with RFID tag. Then read the tag into your cell phone together with a brief SMS description and a thumbnail photo (cell phone transmits data to main computer). After that you can store the item on some shelf or in some drawer, no special system required.

When you want to retrieve the item you download the RFID number to RoboMonkey (RoboSpider for Arachnophiliacs). Then do something fun while RoboMonkey crawls all over your house searching for the tag. When it finds the tag it jumps around there and screams to let you know.

RoboMonkey can also sense tags through wooden drawers and file folders. No more digging frantically through your papers to find all the tax documents. Just show it the file folder and it will grin at you when that stupid receipt is in there.

RoboMonkey Deluxe maps your house while you are out (either by GPS or by using other RFID tags as reference) and can take you to your target much faster.

KidMonkey looks and acts cuter. It also identifies rooms (with RFID tags at the door) and raises hell when it finds a toy where there should not be a toy. That will teach the little blighters. Special push in tags available for stuffed toy animals.

kbecker, Jan 26 2004


       They are not free, but if I have the choice between $0.05 for a tag and a 20 minutes search I rather pay. It would take some marketing to start up, but it could become a commodity, like thumbtacks or "Sign here" post-it stickers.
kbecker, Jan 27 2004

       I need tool monkey.   


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