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Picnic jacket

Turn your jacket into a picnet blanket and pillow
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On beautiful spring days while on a walk in the park you find the perfect spot to lie down. The problem is that the spot is covered with grass and leaves. So you place your jacket onto the ground to lie down on. Now you are getting somewhere but the jacket doesn't cover enough ground and you have no place to put your head.

Thankfully there is the picnic jacket. It is a normal light jacket designed for spring and summer weather but the inner lining is designed to fold outwards to form a complete picnic blanket large enough for one and possibly two happy sleepers to lie upon. The collar conveniently inflates into a pillow area to allow you to comfortably raise your head to look up at the good looking people playing frisbee and squirrels climbing on the trees nearby.

When you are done with lying you shake out the blanket, deflate the pillow, and fold the lining back into the jacket.

dhousman, May 11 2005


       No one to join you? Inflate our special “picnic pal”. Easy clean!
ldischler, May 11 2005

       Bring back capes I say - my personal favourite, one of those big flowy, red centurion cape/blanket/pillow numbers. And a big feathered hat.
zen_tom, May 11 2005

po, May 11 2005


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