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People Down

You will never go under the see.
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This idea is to just put some sort of down, on people.

Down is good because it makes one like would, like a which.

This is way better than just long here --

it will keep you from how you go down a well,

it will keep you always on that like!

mylodon, Sep 03 2019


       Jabberwocky on acid.
xenzag, Sep 03 2019

       Q: How do you get down off a person?   

       A: You don't, you get down off a duck.
zen_tom, Sep 03 2019

       ^ Totally quackers ....
8th of 7, Sep 03 2019

       //A: You don't,// Course you do!   

       A: When the ride is no fun anymore, you ask your father to put you down?
wjt, Sep 04 2019

       Not since that family visit to the vet. I thought he meant he was just going to stop carrying the cat.
zen_tom, Sep 04 2019

       Pa was Ernst Stavro Blofeld? That cat had some serious down.
lurch, Sep 04 2019

       We never understood why, when James B. confronts Mr. Blofeld, that he shot the man not the cat. If he wanted to help eradicate evil from you world, he should have shot the cat first, shirley ?
8th of 7, Sep 04 2019

       This is surreal. But I think I like it?
Frankx, Sep 15 2019

       [Frankx],the background to this craziness is another strange post. I won't give any spoilers. A link posting would show understanding.
wjt, Sep 15 2019

       Ok, so I’m an old newbie, give me some help here! Which other post led to this? I like the idea of people having fluffy down, and /it will keep you always on that like/, and keeping me from how I go down a well?   

       But... what?
Frankx, Sep 16 2019

       Read up on how the Halfbakery searches words, there's something a miss with this idea. There's no rush. I find a surprise aha moment trumps a forced one.
wjt, Sep 18 2019

       a! I get this now. There's probably something better for me to do with my time. Quite good idea though.
Frankx, Sep 18 2019

       Thanks [wjt]
Frankx, Sep 18 2019

       Oh wow, you did it! Except "wich" is searchable, and it makes the search engine not ignore the other words, meaning that, if you search for this idea's whole text, it will return this idea and this idea alone. Also, than?
notexactly, Sep 26 2019

       I sort it now. Done.
mylodon, Sep 26 2019

       [Very few get this]
Loris, Sep 26 2019

       Count me in. I'm lost in space again.
blissmiss, Sep 26 2019

       If you searched for the phrase "very few get this", you would find the same explanation referred to above, except you can't search for that, which is… hmm… what's the literal opposite of ironic, but with the same feeling? Is it still ironic?
notexactly, Sep 28 2019


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