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pant coats

a coat for your legs
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You put a coat on your upperbody, why not your lower body? Possibly in skirt form, maybe as an attachment to an upperbody coat.
ben14, Nov 24 2004

(?) Matrix coat http://www.duendeco...om/MatrixPoster.jpg
They will be happy to bake one right up for you, [ben14]. [bungston, Nov 25 2004]

Here's a good starting point http://www.google.c...y+m65&aq=f&oq=&aqi=
"Shopping" sites are blocked here at work :( [MikeD, Dec 17 2009]


       Surely baked in snowpants....
DesertFox, Nov 25 2004

       So how's that project going, [Dfox]? We all knew you couldn't resist the halfbaked goods.
bungston, Nov 25 2004

       Just buy a long coat, [ben]. I have a very warm coat that reachesa little lower than mid-calf and it does a great job in keeping my leggies warm. Too bad it's for women, otherwise I'd let you borrow it sometimes.
Machiavelli, Nov 25 2004

       What kind of attitude is that? [ben] wants a coat for his legs. A long regular coat is a poor compromise. What if his arms are hot? I'm seeing this as a regular looking coat with no head hole and fatter arms. (Which I admit is starting to sound like snowpants...)
Worldgineer, Nov 25 2004

       Fine, give the boy his pant coat (snowpants)!   

       PS>> Try saying "pant coat" out loud. There's a je ne sais quoi fun nerdiness about the way it sounds.
Machiavelli, Nov 25 2004

       Zip up pant legs rather then stepping through the leg holes?
macncheesy, Nov 26 2004

       yeah more like that, macncheesy
ben14, Nov 27 2004

       Call these "Trouser Coats" in the UK - "Pants" is a word reserved for underpants. Also derogatory, as in "That coat is completely pants!"
wagster, Nov 27 2004

       That would look so unbelievably weird I'm giving you a bun.
Joolin, Dec 15 2009

       It would look quite normal: long coats normally have some sort of pleating or a belt at the waistline; a zipper or a set of button hooks is easy to camouflage (if you want it hidden). [+]
FlyingToaster, Dec 15 2009

       This is baked. Google field pants (the counterpart to a field jacket).   

       Who am I kidding ... I'll find a link.
MikeD, Dec 17 2009


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